Speaking at FinCon 2014

Luke Landes speaking at FinCon

Once again, I’ll be speaking at the FinCon Expo. This year, the conference will be in New Orleans, taking over the New Orleans Marriott from September 18 through 20.

FinCon is the annual gathering for financial media — and while it started out as a blogging conference, it has been rapidly expanding since Philip Taylor founded the conference a few years ago. Every year I look forward to seeing the bloggers I’ve been working with for up to eleven years, as well as to making new friends, chatting about future possibilities, and brainstorming more ways to positively affect the world of personal finance and people’s lives.

As always, The Plutus Awards will take my focus for most of my time in New Orleans. I created the Plutus Awards five years ago to highlight the best in personal finance blogging and the financial industry. It has grown into a major event, and it has been getting bigger each year. This year will be no exception to that growth. We expect five hundred people to attend the ceremony, which will be followed by a happy hour at the hotel with the potential for more events that evening.

In Plutus Awards news: we are looking for bloggers to serve on the Blogger Panel, the group that finalizes the finalists; we still have one major sponsorship still available; and we are looking for companies to offer prizes to the winners. Once again, the Plutus Awards Executive Committee consists of myself, Miranda Marquit (Planting Money Seeds) and Tom Drake (Canadian Finance Blog). Also putting a lot of work into making this awards season a success are Athena Lent, Briana Myricks, Ashley Jacobs, and Matt Giovanisci.

In addition to the Plutus Awards, I will be participating in a panel on building community. The panel will be moderated by Mike Delgado from Experian, and will also feature as panelists J.D. Roth (founder of Get Rich Slowly, now focusing on More Than Money), Jim Wang (founder of Bargaineering, now focusing on Microblogger and other projects), and Jeff Rose (founder of Good Financial Cents).

Community — particularly the community of financial bloggers and independent writers — has been something I’ve been passionate about building and being an advocate for the last decade, and that has manifested in a variety of projects designed to raise the status of all financial bloggers as well as the way I work today.

If you plan on attending FinCon, be sure to attend the session; it’s sure to be crowded so grab a seat early. If you haven’t decided to attend FinCon, there’s still an opportunity to go. Procure your ticket here.

About Luke Landes

Luke Landes is the founder of Consumerism Commentary, the premier personal finance blog, and has been building online communities since 1990. Luke has contributed to PC World Magazine, US News, Forbes, and other publications, and appears on radio and television to discuss personal finance issues.