Guest on The Daily Interview

Eric Gati is the author behind My 4 Hour Workweek, a blog that focuses on online passive income. Eric also produces a series of interviews with internet entrepreneurs, and I was delighted to recently take part in such an interview. I’d never classify the income I’ve generated as “passive,” but I was happy to talk about my experiences growing a website, Consumerism Commentary, into a business seven-figure-income business.

I talked about my journey from college graduate in debt working in the arts to full-time blogger and business owner. We discussed my success and failures in business. I shared my opinions on what it takes to succeed and carve yourself a position as a leader when everybody and their mothers can start a business online. Read the interview here, titled Getting Paid to Do What You Love with Luke Landes from Consumerism Commentary.

Take a look at Eric’s other interviews, as well. He has talked with a great selection of entrepreneurs whose businesses are centered mostly around writing for websites. Look through the archives of The Daily Interview for great discussions with Jim Wang, Amanda Grossman, Stephanie from The Empowered Dollar, Jeff Rose, J. Money from Budgets Are Sexy, and many others.

About Luke Landes

Luke Landes is the founder of Consumerism Commentary, the premier personal finance blog, and has been building online communities since 1990. Luke has contributed to PC World Magazine, US News, Forbes, and other publications, and appears on radio and television to discuss personal finance issues.