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After running one of the most popular and successful personal finance blogs since 2003, Luke Landes is prepared to help others develop their own online identities. This is often called “blog consulting,” but no labels need to be applied.

For bloggers: consulting and mentoring

If you’re a blogger interested in taking your website to the next level, hire Luke Landes to manage the product. He will devise a strategy to help you become a leader in your niche and beyond, taking into account your needs and interests. Regardless of your budget, Luke can help you expand your blog by using the same techniques he’s used to build strong online communities and websites since 1990.

Luke’s also available for hourly consulting or mentoring. Rates are designed to fit the budget of bloggers at any level, and a retainer option is available. You can choose either an hourly rate or a retainer fee.


As one of the founding fathers of personal finance blogging, Luke’s a perfect person to reach out to whenever you’re stumped. Not only do you get a fresh perspective, but it’s like talking to an old friend. He listens, digests, and then hits you with ideas straight from the heart. A great mentor, and an overall great guy. – J. Money from Budgets Are Sexy

Luke is both a great mentor and a great consultant for bloggers of all experience levels. He has walked the walk by building amazing communities himself. He listens carefully to find exactly how he can help you move forward with your blogging road blocks. He has helped me narrow my focus and realize some of the great opportunities I have in front of me. I wish I had met him even sooner than I did because there is no telling how much further along in my journey I would be! What are you waiting for? – Lance from Money Life and More

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If you are interested in working with Luke, please send him an email at

For corporations: consulting

Luke will work with corporations who want to reach consumers, particularly in the finance space. The larger a company is, the more difficult it is to speak with the public on a personal level. With Luke’s experience and expertise, he will help companies develop an effective communications strategy that makes use of the latest tools and resources. With an eye towards long-term communication trends rather than short-term social media fads, Luke focuses on the strategies that offer the best opportunity for long-term success.

Luke Landes is available for assignments of any size on a project or retainer basis.

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About Luke Landes

Luke Landes is the founder of Consumerism Commentary, the premier personal finance blog, and has been building online communities since 1990. Luke has contributed to PC World Magazine, US News, Forbes, and other publications, and appears on radio and television to discuss personal finance issues.