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Luke LandesStarting in January 2014, I will be offering my time as a business coach for bloggers.

I never initially intended the blog I founded, Consumerism Commentary, to become a business. But as the world changed around me and online publishing grew as respected media, I found myself thrilled with the opportunity to turn my hobby into something more than an avocation. I poured my heart and soul into Consumerism Commentary and turned it into a multi-million dollar business.

Community is important to me, and I’ve worked hard since launching Consumerism Commentary in 2003 to foster and promote the community of financial bloggers. Whether with direct partnerships with other bloggers or through projects like the Carnival of Personal Finance,, and The Plutus Awards, it has always been my intention to help people who share my mission of financial education through any form of online publishing.

In 2014, after a year of gratis mentoring for a variety of bloggers and business owners in eight-week periods, I will be taking on several new private coaching clients. The coaching package includes discussions with me about your blog and the business of blogging, focusing on the techniques I’ve used to foster success with consideration of the dynamic nature of the technology of online communication. I will tailor my approaches to coaching and discussion topics to the needs of each client, while using the coaching strategies and plans that have been successful for me with previous clients.


As one of the founding fathers of personal finance blogging, Luke’s a perfect person to reach out to whenever you’re stumped. Not only do you get a fresh perspective, but it’s like talking to an old friend. He listens, digests, and then hits you with ideas straight from the heart. A great mentor, and an overall great guy. – J. Money from Budgets Are Sexy

Luke is both a great mentor and a great consultant for bloggers of all experience levels. He has walked the walk by building amazing communities himself. He listens carefully to find exactly how he can help you move forward with your blogging road blocks. He has helped me narrow my focus and realize some of the great opportunities I have in front of me. I wish I had met him even sooner than I did because there is no telling how much further along in my journey I would be! What are you waiting for? – Lance from Money Life and More

Package options

Are you the right client for my coaching? I am looking for bloggers and business owners who are passionate and are ready to make a long-term commitment to their goals. I can help clients determine what those goals should be, but the passion and commitment must be present initially.

Clients can choose from two contract types, an hourly fee or a retainer fee.

Hourly structure. This is the best structure for a new blogger, particularly one who is highly motivated but in the first stages of growing his or her business. If we schedule four hours a month (eight hours is the minimum to start), that includes four hours of one-on-one discussions. I tend to overdeliver, with discussions often taking as much time is necessary. I also work for the client outside of the phone calls.

Retainer structure. For a fee per month, the client has unlimited scheduled access to me, within reason. I am the client’s full-time business consultant.

The rates are flexible, tailored to your needs and on your budget.

Interested? Contact me by emailing, and we can talk about your needs.

About Luke Landes

Luke Landes is the founder of Consumerism Commentary, the premier personal finance blog, and has been building online communities since 1990. Luke has contributed to PC World Magazine, US News, Forbes, and other publications, and appears on radio and television to discuss personal finance issues.