About Luke Landes

Luke Landes is the founder of premiere personal finance blog Consumerism Commentary and is a renowned writer covering personal finance and money management. His articles regularly appear on BusinessInsider, Forbes, The Street, and other publications.

Luke LandesAfter graduating college in debt and experience a financial breakdown, Luke turned his attention to money and his own financial situation. With his experience building online communities since 1990, he founded Consumerism Commentary to hold himself publicly but anonymously accountable for his decisions with money. Since its founding, Consumerism Commentary has repeatedly received accolades from media outlets such as Money Magazine, the New York Times, and BusinessWeek for being the top personal finance blog.

Luke fostered a community of personal finance bloggers, working closely with and acting as a mentor for a number of writers. Over the past few years, Luke worked with traditional media outlets to encourage partnership between the two communities. In promotion of blogging as a medium and to increase the mainstream legitimacy of personal finance bloggers in particular, Luke created projects such as pfblogs.org, the Carnival of Personal Finance, and The Plutus Awards.

From a personal success perspective, Luke progressed from a point soon after college graduation, not earning enough to pay for his commutation expense, to ownership of a multi-million dollar internet publishing business he built from the ground up.

Reach Luke at the email address luke@lukelandes.com.

About Luke Landes

Luke Landes is the founder of Consumerism Commentary, the premier personal finance blog, and has been building online communities since 1990. Luke has contributed to PC World Magazine, US News, Forbes, and other publications, and appears on radio and television to discuss personal finance issues.